2019 YDS Passive / Preposition Test

2019 YDS Passive / Preposition Test

2019 YDS Passive / Preposition Test - çöz

2019 YDS Passive / Preposition Test soruları cevapları
2019 YDS Passive / Preposition Test

2019 YDS Passive / Preposition Test

Soru 1

Everybody looked smart, except for John, who was dressed ........ jeans and a T-shirt.

Soru 2

Her son had had a good education and childhood, so she couldn't understand why he had become ........ in drug smuggling.

Soru 3

Unfortunately, he himself was ........ to cocaine and had started smuggling to pay for his own supplies.

Soru 4

This cushion is ........ with the soft feathers of eider ducks.

Soru 5

Paris is known ........ its tradltion as a centre for artists from all over the world.

Soru 6

The residents of the town were opposed ........ the closure of their hospital as the next hospital was twenty miles away.

Soru 7

The drug heroin is made ........ the seeds of the oplum poppy, which is grown widely in Afghanistan.

Soru 8

Everyone in the office was shocked ....... the number of deaths from drug overdoses, which was reported in the paper.

Soru 9

The British government are ....... with the French govemment for letting so many illegal immigrants leave France by road, sea and rail to come to the UK.

Soru 10

All of the people in local communities are ....... about the Queen's jubilee and are busy planning street parties.

Soru 11

Because he continually bullies her and threatens her, she is scared ........ her husband and wants to leave him secretly.

Soru 12

Jimmy was ........ with his landlord as he had allowed another hairdresser to rent a shop directly opposite his salon.

Soru 13

Heather was ........ with the number of people who joined them at the restaurant to celebrate her birthday.

Soru 14

The footballer Bobby Charlton is best remembered ........ being part of England's World Cup winning side in 1966.

Soru 15

Many of the football team' s supporters are worried ........ injuries to key players.

Soru 16

The brutal but brilliant film 'City of Gad' is based ........ a novel by Brazilian Paulo Liris, who grew up in a Brazilian "shanty town'.

Soru 17

The Island of Skye is connected ........ the Scottish mainland by a road bridge.

Soru 18

The artist was completely ........ in his work and didn't stop for lunch or dinner.

Soru 19

All new customer service assistants are provided ........ two complete uniforms.

Soru 20

Road sweepers in Turkey often use a tool made ........ an old olive oil can to sweep the dirt in to.


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