2020 LGS İngilizce Deneme Sınavı II

2020 LGS İngilizce Deneme Sınavı II

2020 LGS İngilizce Deneme Sınavı II - çöz

2020 LGS İngilizce Deneme Sınavı II soruları cevapları
2020 LGS İngilizce Deneme Sınavı II

2020 LGS İngilizce Deneme Sınavı II

Soru 1

Sam: What are you doing on Saturday night?

Jane: .................................... Why are you as king?

Sam: What about watching a movie?

Jane: That sounds awesome.

Soru 2

Tim: Robert is my buddy. I love him because he always backs me up.

What does Tim mean?

Soru 3

Tom: ......?

Sally: I think they are very nice and trendy.

Tom: Thank you dear, you know I am keen on trendy clothes.

Soru 4

In Turkey teenegers have seven or eight classes in a day. Tjey wear school uniform and eat their lunch at the school canteen. They prefer being togetter and hanging out with their friends after school. At weekends they go to cinema and spend time using computers. They like surfing the net and texting too.

According the passage which of the following is true?

Soru 5

Diyalogta boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen seçeneği işaretleyiniz.

A: I want make some bread for dinner, but there is no yeast at home.

B: ............ instead of it. I tried it and it really worked well.

Soru 6

I can't eat this dish because ........ .

Soru 7

If you speak loudly on the phone in a public place, ......... .

Soru 8

Mr.Brown : Can you put me through to Mrs.Maddison?

Secretary : Hold on, please. Oh, sorry. Her line is ----- Would you like to leave a message?

Mr.Brown : No,thanks.

Yukarıdaki boşluğa uygun gelen kelimeyi yerleştiriniz.

Soru 9

Aşağıdaki paragrafta anlam bütünlüğünü bozan ifadeyi bulunuz?

(I) Online safety is very important. (ll) We shouldn't share our personal information on the internet. (III) We must visit safe websites. (IV) My favorite search engine is Google.

Soru 10

Cümle hangi seçenekteki kelimeler ile doğru tamamlanır?

If you want to __ your photos to internet, first you should __ an account and __ to the web site.


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