2019 LGS İngilizce Online Test I

2019 LGS İngilizce Online Test I

2019 LGS İngilizce Online Test I - çöz

2019 LGS İngilizce Online Test I soruları cevapları
2019 LGS İngilizce Online Test I

2019 LGS İngilizce Online Test I

Soru 1

Burcu: I heard someone stole your brother’s car last week.

Mine: Yes. ........................

Soru 2

Do good, have good One day, a lion was sleeping under a tree in a forest. The wind was blowing. A mouse was walking over his body. The lion woke up and caught the mouse. The lion wanted to kill it. The mouse said : “ Dear King, I am a small animal, don’t kill me. One day I can help you.” The lion said : “OK, you are free.” The mouse thanked the lion and went home. After some time, hunters caught the lion with ropes. He worked hard to cut the ropes but he couldn’t. He shouted: “Help! Help!” The mouse heard the noise. It ran to the lion and cut the ropes with its teeth. Soon the lion was free. He thanked the mouse for its help.

What is “the main idea” of the story?

Soru 3

Ali: Where were you last week, Cenk?

Cenk: ………………………………. I have just returned.

Soru 4

One day, Deniz was alone at home. He was watching TV when he fell asleep. He had an exciting dream. In his dream, he was flying on a magic carpet. First he flew to a desert. Deniz felt uncomfortable because it was too hot and dry there. Then he flew to the mountains. The mountains were very high and Deniz got scared. After that,he flew to a big forest. There were lots of nice trees and flowers. Deniz loved it there.While he was flying to an island with a lot of butterflies, he suddenly woke up. Deniz thought “Wow, what a great dream!”

What can be the name of the story?

Soru 5

Kerim : I get stressed when I speak English because I’m not good at it. What can I do?

Teacher : Good question, Kerim. Don’t ............ . Try to learn from them


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