YDS Modals Test 1

YDS Modals Test 1

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YDS Modals Test 1 soruları cevapları
YDS Modals Test 1

YDS Modals Test 1

Soru 1

As a single woman, Lucy ......... quite a lot of money on clothes, jewellery and cosmetics, but now married with two children, she can't spare so much money on them.

Soru 2

James will book the hotel rooms for the German representatives and you ........ them at the airport at eight o'clock. Is that clear?

Soru 3

........ lending me 25,000 liras so that I don't have to give the Dolmus driver a 5 million lira note?

Soru 4

You .......... anything to me. If you want to spend virtually your entire wages on lottery tickets, then that's up to you.

Soru 5

You .......... anything until after your operation. The nurses will tell you when it is all right.


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