YDS Vocabulary (kelime) Sınav Soruları IV

YDS Vocabulary (kelime) Sınav Soruları IV

YDS Vocabulary (kelime) Sınav Soruları IV - çöz

YDS Vocabulary (kelime) Sınav Soruları IV soruları cevapları
YDS Vocabulary (kelime) Sınav Soruları IV

YDS Vocabulary (kelime) Sınav Soruları IV

Soru 1

Ever since the sales clerk left, they have been desperately looking for someone to fill the .......... but so far, they haven't been able to find anyone suitable.

Soru 2

The twins were building a castle in the back garden and they wanted to dig a .......... around it, but their father stopped them as he didn't want his grass dug up.

Soru 3

When Joe saw the thief take Mrs Smith's handbag, he chased and caught him ......... . If he had stopped and thought about it logically, he probably wouldn't have taken the risk.

Soru 4

I bought these pens for l0p each and sold them for 20p. That means I've made a ......... of on each one.

Soru 5

The rash on Claudia's back was very sore. The doctor gave her some cream to .......... on it, but applying it was quite an ordeal.

Soru 6

The water from the spring is 100% ........... . There are absolutely no chemicals or preservatives in it.

Soru 7

Setting fire to the cat's tall was a terrible thing to do and the boys should be thoroughly ........... of themselves.

Soru 8

The chemical company dishonestly tried to .......... the report about how the chemical they produce is polluting the environment.

Soru 9

David's beard was getting very untidy, so he got a pair of scissors and ........... it, which made him look much smarter.

Soru 10

Mona always dressed untidily and dull when she was at work. The bosses ordered her to stop dressing so ......... and smarten herself up.

Soru 11

- We are planning to open a cafe in Bolton, but first we have to obtain a licence from the council to sell food and ......... .

Soru 12

Now that John was retiring he felt that he could be .......... about all the things he thought were wrong at the factory, whereas before he had not been so outspoken.

Soru 13

The dentist warned that if Denise ate too much chocolate, her teeth would begin to .......... . He explained how plaque would cause them to rot.

Soru 14

He ........... the new manager so much that he left his job before finding another.

Soru 15

After the tour around the brewery, we were allowed to .......... the beer. In fact, we were allowed to taste all of the different brews.

Soru 16

........... we were not allowed to go into the room at the top of the stairs. Later on, however, our aunt opened the door and showed us around her pottery workshop.

Soru 17

The tower in Pisa, Italy, is fascinating. It......... over so much to one side, over 5 metres in fact, that I am surprised it doesn't fall down.

Soru 18

I didn't actually accuse Tim of stealing the money. I ............ said that he was there at the time that the money went missing — that's all!


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